Published On: Mon, Sep 25th, 2017

Moses MP: “Gay Parade is not part of our culture and it brings division in our community”

MosesWILLEMSTAD – Curaçao’s moral about sexuality continues to be that this topic is about intimacy and nobody should be wandering the streets with it. Just like there was never a “straight parade”, Gay parade shouldn’t become part of the islands’ culture.

Instead of bringing unity, Gay Parade is provoking confrontation and brings division.

This is according to the Member of Parliament for the Progressive Movement party Marilyn Moses. The MP says that Curaçao, just like other nations, has its norms and values that must be respected. Statistics show that 80% of the population are registered as Christians. The word of God forms the basis for the people’s moral about what is good and what is not.

That also counts for the topic of sexuality. The Netherlands is a country where moral is based on the ratio and is detached from the word of God. It has a very open moral about sexuality and the people there believes that everything is possible. The respect for humanity is the base for the union between the nations, notwithstanding the differences in morals and values.

“We are together in a Kingdom with our history and our challenges that are different from one another and that makes us multi-cultural. We are different while being in the same Kingdom. Curaçao does not have a history of gay bashing in the 60’s where there was persecution of the gays by the police,” said the MP.

“This took place in the U.S. There was violence every day where homosexuals were arrested in bars and coffee shops. During that time the homosexuals united in a fight for acceptance and they started with various events including the Gay Parade.”

According to Moses, homosexuality is not an issue in Curaçao. Why certain governments want to make it an important and urgent issue is something incomprehensible to the MP. Certain politicians are trying to make same-sex marriage an urgent issue while they don’t explain to the people of Curaçao what are the reasons. These politicians want to make it a human rights issue.

While this is taking place in Curaçao, the Human Rights Tribunal in Strasburg in July 2016 indicated in a ruling that the same-sex marriage is not a human right. “Now they want to shove this Gay Parade on us during our Culture Celebration Week, while this parade has nothing to do with our culture,” said Moses.

The Member of Parliament wants to know from the government why they are making this such an important issue while the people of Curaçao are more concerned about other pressing problems on the island.

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