Published On: Mon, Jul 21st, 2014

Navarro presents plan ‘Ta Basta Awor’ to combat crime

NavarroWILLEMSTAD – ‘Ta Basta Awor’. It has now been enough. That's the name of the Action Plan; the Government intends to use to address the rising crime on the island. What exactly is the plan entails, will be announces this Monday afternoon. The Minister of Justice, together with representatives of the Police Corps Curaçao (KPC) and the Public Miniseries (OM) made this announcement during a press conference.

In a press release of the KPC, they state that the measures will bring more police force on the streets along with it. In practice this means that the authorities will use all their resources and manpower they have at their disposal in the fight against crime.

The press release mentions that several agencies, including the Royal Military Police, Navy, Coast Guard, Customs, the Attorney General, the Public Prosecution Service, the Volunteer Corps Curacao (VKC), but also the Ministry of Justice and representatives of security companies have pledged their cooperation to ensure a halt to that crime on the island.

The plan follows the fatal shooting incident on July 15 at Hato Airport, with two dead and several injured. Immediately after the incident, both in Curacao and far beyond many responses evoked, the Government announced that there will be brutal measures against crime.

These measures will, in principle, remain in force till the end of the year. During his national speech, Navarro announced that the measures will make the people see and feel that the government will drastically act to crackdown on crime.

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