Published On: Fri, May 11th, 2018

‘No government financing for cows project’

cows_Cura_Fresh_MeatWILLEMSTAD - The government does not invest a single cent in the cow project. This is according to Arthur Parris of Fresh Meat. "The government has a facilitating role in the project: they designate a place and provide regulation and control, the money comes from investors."

Parris is in talks with the government about the project. He wants to bring 1000 cows to Curaçao every month for local meat production. Manure is being converted into biogas and the drinking water for cows and grass has to be made from seawater.

According to Parris, the systems for realizing this are ready: they are adapted to the conditions of Curaçao and can be shipped and used as soon as there is green light.

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