Published On: Tue, Aug 5th, 2014

OM: “Criminal record Elvis K. seventeen pages long”

RipWILLEMSTAD - The case Magnus was opened today at 09.00 with a treatment of the personal circumstances of Elvis K. This shows that he has a criminal record in Netherlands OF seventeen pages long. 'Monster' wanted nothing else to say about himself.

"I said to the man, do not ask me about my father, mother, or children, it is not your business," he said in response to the treatment of the probation report. The 37-year-old 'Monster' has three children with his wife Mona Lisa. In addition, he has another three children, of which two live in the Netherlands.

K., according to the report, has difficulty with his past in the boarding school and wants to say nothing about it now. He himself claims that there a conversation never took place with the probation service. "It means nothing to me," K. said. Then, he contradicts himself. "The interview consisted of an introduction and lasted fifteen minutes. “Data recording and that was it.”

According to the report of the probation officer, K. is a dropout. He is in possession of a welding diploma, which he obtained in detention. He has been a criminal since childhood. About his criminal past, he himself says: "This cannot be. I was in a boarding school. Then you cannot earn dirty money.” On the question of how you can make dirty money, he remained silent. However, his record proves the opposite. 'Monster' has been sentenced to four years twice for robbery and possession of weapons.

The report also states that K. has no mental disorder. He does not suffer from an addiction or depression, and he does not drink alcohol. However, there are indications of a personality disorder with antisocial and narcissistic behaviors. The psychiatrist also advised that in view of his past, a chance of recurrence of violence exists. "A more detailed psychopathology reporting is therefore desirable. The conscience of K should be better mapped for security. He shows no regret or remorse for the murder,” the psychologist said.

After discussing his personal circumstances, his lawyer asks if he feels safe here. "I do not want to serve my sentence here," he says. “I'm not safe here anyways”

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