Published On: Fri, May 30th, 2014

OM does ‘trial by media’ through false press release

SulvaranWILLEMSTAD - It has become very clear that the Public Prosecution (OM) seeks to influence public opinion and in this way get support for their case against the Member of Parliamentarian Gerrit Schotte. Their latest press release is a classic example.

This is according to Schotte’s lawyers, Eldon ‘Peppie’ Sulvaran and Chester Peterson, who also represents Schotte’s partner, Cicely van der Dijs in a press release in response to the explanation given by the OM on the progress of the ‘Babel’ case.

Both lawyers indicate that the OM has tried to create a negative sphere around their clients, with the objective of influencing the public and those who will have to rule on the case.

According to the lawyers, the prosecution is structurally guilty of such acts, adding that even if they are wrong, they want to 'score'. These acts are condemned by the European Court of Human Rights, they emphasized.

Schotte is no way obligated to cooperate in an investigation against him.  He cannot be forced to do so. That is illegal,” the lawyers said.

The lawyers indicate that the position of both the magistrate and the OM in their press release can be considered as blackmail. The conditional release of Gerrit Schotte is according to the lawyers, not the only lie in the press release, but also that the OM has chosen for a detention of ten days.

“The OM has indicated that they were ready to file for an extension of Schotte’s detention, first request for 8 days, the second request also for 8 days and the third request for 60 days. If the magistrate had not intervened, the OM would have made these requests,” the lawyers explained.

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