Published On: Mon, Aug 20th, 2012

PAIS – introduce ‘Curacao Financial Services Board’

WILLEMSTAD - Political Party PAIS wants as quickly as possible that the "Curaçao Financial Services Board" be established so as to give the international financial services (formerly offshore) new boost. PAIS is of opinion that the service should have the same effect as the Curacao Tourism Board (CTB) had for our tourism.

According to PAIS, the financial services sector has great potential to contribute to the growth of our economy, creating employment and generating foreign exchange, which is necessary to bring order in our balance of payments.

Competitive participation

"This institute is entrusted with the international awareness of our financial sector, products and tax treaties to initiate and to ensure that our country is removed from blacklists everywhere," said party leader Alex Rosaria. Rosaria also thinks that the services should pay constant attention to the local law to continuously guarantee that our country can compete in the world. "The industry should be more daring, take more risks, and explore new markets.


"We are very concerned that we have not heard of possible solutions that the government proposes in the context of the instructions the Netherland has imposed on our government, "says Rosaria. "Whether the government will come with a plan or not, PAIS will at least submit an alternative solution. This alternative will be based on two pillars: the tripartite consultation reintroduction and restoration of our financial situation, which should not be at the expense of the social welfare of our people, "said the party leader.

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