Published On: Thu, Aug 30th, 2012

PAIS is presenting a well balanced list for the upcoming elections

WILLEMSTAD – Political party PAIS is also participating in the upcoming elections. They don’t officially have any representation in Parliament so they are required to participate in a pre round of elections to gain enough support (around 700 votes) to be able to participate in the elections. 

The first ten on the list are:

1. Alex Rosaria
2. Marcolino (Mike) Franco
3. Eugene Cleopa (member of Parliament and former member of political party MAN)
4. Marylin Moses
5. Eric Isenia
6. Elsa Rosendal
7. Andre Curiel
8. Stanley Palm
9. Marlon Carolina
10. Wendel Louisa

And the very well known and outspoken Dr. Jerry Semper at number 29.

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