Published On: Tue, Sep 18th, 2012

PAIS presents their party program

WILLEMSTAD – Political party PAIS scored last weekend during the primaries with 4,199 votes, which was a record amount . The party may participate this year with flying colors in the elections on October 19. The party leader, Alex Rosaria announced their party program for the upcoming elections.

An important point for PAIS is the unity within the population. "We want a government for all Curaçaoans: color, religion or language does not matter. The government has a duty to care for every citizen, "said Rosaria. Another point for the party is the finances of the nation. "We are pro open market and pro economic growth." Free education is not a priority for the party. "We should just invest in education."

This will be their second time participating in elections. First time they came a few hundred votes short of one seat in Parliament. According to the polls they could win at least one seat in this election.

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