Published On: Mon, Aug 24th, 2015

PAIS wants to finish term

Partido-PAISWILLEMSTAD - If it’s up to the coalition partner PAIS, the current coalition will finish their term. “Let's keep the continuity and finish the work that was put into motion. You do not want to interrupt this work by small issues happening at the political level,” says Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Administration, Planning and Government Services, Etienne van der Horst.

The Ministers representing the political party PAIS indicated during a media program that the coalition must not give way to conflicts that are going on.

“It is so important for the country that we continue. It is more important than Marvelyne Wiels staying as Minister Plenipotentiary or not,” said Van der Horst referring to the recent developments in parliament where the MPs debate on the report of the Ombudsman of Curaçao on Wiels.

Van der Horst also said that the government must finish its term to work out its policies. “The country cannot afford to have a new government every two years.” According to the President of Parliament, Marcoline Franco, who is also a member of PAIS, it is important for the coalition to implement what is in their coalition agreement. “If this is not possible, then we have to draw our conclusions.”

Franco also stated during the program that they are not doing everything possible to maintain the coalition just to keep Gerrit Schotte out. “This is not the reason why we did not vote against Marvelyne Wiels.”

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