Published On: Fri, Jun 27th, 2014

Palm: “Government will introduce a tourist tax”

de palmWILLEMSTAD – Annually, the Government of Curacao gives the Curacao Tourism Board (CTB) 30 million guilders in subsidy to promote tourism for the island. The projection of the revenues in the tourism sector is about one billion guilders. This is according to the Minister of Economic Development, Stanley Palm during the weekly press conference.

“The more you invest in the industry, the more it will produce and in the frame of these activities in this sector, the government has thought of introducing a tourist tax, which is a tax that will be added to tickets bought by tourists traveling to the island,” the Minister said.

“It will be added in a way that they won’t even notice that they are paying taxes,” Palm said. According to the Minister this tax will generate more income with which the CTB can contribute to the airlift and also the Politur. The safety of the tourist is an important factor for the government and CTB.

The Minister will have this proposal ready to present to the Council of Ministers next month for approval. Palm believes that this is an important concept.

“If the tourism sector is producing one billion guilders and if it can produce 10 million more that will help for sure”, the Minister said.

The Minister said that the tax will be 15 dollars, but that will have to be discussed with the parties involved.

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