Published On: Fri, Oct 28th, 2016

PAR: “Curaçao must have a balanced government”

David-DickWILLEMSTAD – According to the PAR negotiator David Dick, now the parties are going more into the content of forming a government. This means that now they will start talking about the distribution of ministerial posts. “I think we need to give them the space to do this,” said David Dick during an interview.

The negotiating teams continued with their meetings today. The four parties that are negotiating are MAN, PAR, PNP and Pueblo Soberano (PS). “I do not want to speculate about the results of the meetings. I want to give the process a little bit more time,” said the PAR negotiator.

According to the former Minister of Justice for PAR, the discussions about how many parties should be in the coalition already took too much time. Initially, the parties did not agree if the coalition should be based on the support of 12, 13 or 14 seats in Parliament.

“If I’m going to speculate about the distribution, I’m not helping the process. That is why I prefer not to give any comments at this time.”

According to David Dick, the meeting yesterday was the first one where the parties actually talked about the distribution of ministerial posts. “They gave content about what the future government of the island should look like. And to be able to have good results we should give the negotiation teams their space and stop speculating like most of the media are doing,” said Dick.

All the PAR negotiator can say now that his party stands for a balanced government for Curaçao. One that can govern the entire four-year term.

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