Published On: Fri, Apr 11th, 2014

Parliament: ‘Nutrition problems are worst than just school milk’

ParliamentWILLEMSTAD - Instead of discussing the provision of school should milk, the government should be looking at the entire situation around the nutrition of youth. A plan should be developed to improve the current situation. This plan should then be implemented in the schools. This was brought up during the debate in Parliament about milk in schools.

The debate was a follow-up to the meeting of January 24. But the discussion took a different turn.

The meeting was not on the tender procedure for the provision of school milk anymore, but more about whether school milk is the answer to potential nutritional problems among the youth.

MFK MP, Gerrit Schotte indicated that the intention of the government is to stop supplying school milk completely. He based his argument on a report commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Environment and Nature (GMN) in which it was concluded that cow's milk is intended for calves and not humans. The government is planning on replacing milk with vitamin tablets, Schotte said.

However, the MFK MP said that nine different reports show that delivery of school milk the most efficient and cheapest way to provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients to the youth.

PAIS MP, Marilyn Moses wants a revaluation of the system of delivery of school milk. She pointed out that the system was introduced in the Netherlands and Curaçao took it over. According to her, the project was based on an initiative to motivate parents to give their children milk.

The PAIS MP said that drinking milk once a day is not enough. The child must drink two more glasses of milk per day, but Curacao does not have a system to control that. She belies that the government and parliament must broaden this discussion. “We also have a problem with obesity under the youth. We have to do research on how to go against this problem,” the MP said.

The meeting was adjourned to give the Minister of Public Health the opportunity to answer the questions.

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