Published On: Thu, Jul 12th, 2018

Passport error can cause delays

Dutch passportTHE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD - There is an error in about 5000 recently made Dutch passports and identity cards. One of the electronic security features does not work and that can cause delays.

At an airport, for example, the electronic gate can no longer open and a customs officer has to take control. Undersecretary of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Raymond Knops regrets the inconvenience caused by the problem and has warned all foreign authorities. He also agreed that the error "should not obstruct the trip". These documents were made in the months of April, May and June 2018.

Knops emphasizes that the passport is still valid and that the stored information is still well protected. Possible victims get a letter with information about how they can check the passport. A free app has also been developed for this.

Faulting documents are replaced free of charge. The travel documents with a possible technical problem have a serial number that ends on 03.

This also counts for Curaçao since the passports are made in the Netherlands.

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