Published On: Thu, Dec 20th, 2012

Peaceful Wiels surprised The Hague

THE HAGUE – Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels surprised friend and foe during his visit to the Netherlands. The man who in recent years seized every opportunity to denounce the Netherlands, preferably using the most un-parliamentary words, revealed himself, in the cave of the lion, as a peace dove. The impending language only recently (“Let the Makamba's (Dutch people) come, the body bags are ready.”) has given way to a call for an open dialogue and constructive cooperation.

Those attending the presentation given by Helmin Wiels and his fellow party members, Ivar Asjes (former President of Parliament and current Member of Parliament) and Elmer Wilsoe (former Minister of Justice and current Member of Parliament) were severely confused. Was this the same politician who threatened to file a complaint at the United Nations against the neocolonial behavior of the Netherlands?

Many initially thought about the saying “wolf in sheep's clothing”, but gradually Wiels was able to convince them. His please for a “clean government” where there is no place for corruption and nepotism felt in good soil. Asjes and Wilsoe were also very reasonable. Wiels either means what he was saying or he’s a masterful strategist, his performance was certainly effective. Even Minister Ronald Plasterk of the Interior and Kingdom Relations should feel relieved after his interview with Wiels on Monday. He was able to talk with Wiels. The Ministers and his officials were prepared for the worst during the meeting.

On leniency regarding restoring order to public finances or donations from The Hague, Curacao does not have to count on that. But Wiels has not asked for that neither. His message - We are responsible for our own problems and will also fix them. For The Netherlands this sounded like music to their ears. The PS-leader can look back on a successful charm offensive when he returns to Curacao.

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