Published On: Sat, Jan 26th, 2013

Pensioners protest against bvz

WILLEMSTAD – Local pensioners’ organizations are not pleased that the Parliament adopted the basic medical insurance (bvz). The pensioners’ organizations affiliated with the Plataforma di Asosashon di Penshonadonan consider taking steps, said Upah-chairman Cesar Riedel. He concludes that the government wants pensioners to pay for the fact that the budget is not balanced.

The pensioners’ organizations are especially not pleased with the basic package and how the bvz was realized. The basic package does not include spectacles and dental care, to Riedel’s great indignation. “We agree that something must be done about the high expenditure in the medical care sector, but cannot accept the cut down having a drastic effect on the elderly and pensioners. On top of that, there’s the cut down on the dental care. This has far-reaching consequences for the chewing function, which will eventually lead to digestive disorder.”

The Upah also criticizes how the package of the bvz was realized. “First, the government wanted to introduce a premium of 12 percent to which we protested. The premium was reduced to 10 percent but now the basic package doesn’t include compensation for spectacles and dental care. Why must pensioners pay for this? It’s correct that the national health service is bleeding but we must not forget that we are facing problems now because the government hadn’t taken measures all those years.”

The Upah is not the only pensioners’ organization that disagrees with the bvz. Also Fepescu (former Shell employees) criticized the entire state of affairs. In a reaction Fepescu-secretary Seferino Isabella criticized the exclusion of spectacles and dental care. On the other hand, he is not pleased either that the civil servants are not part of the bvz. He points out that the more people with the new basic medical insurance the more social the character of the bvz. Isabella is certainly not pleased that pensioners’ organizations weren’t involved with the realization of the law.

In a press report the ASPD (CDM-pensioners) severely criticized the Parliament approving the bvz. The fact that the parliamentarians have adopted a motion that states a repair legislation is needed within three months to adjust the bvz where necessary, actually means that the people and the elderly/pensioners ‘are considered fools’, according to the ASPD. The members of the ASPD disagree entirely with the state of affairs and support the Plataforma di Asosashon di Penshonadonan. This organ, in which the most important pensioners’ organizations are united, organized a massive protest meeting last year against the original plans for the bvz. Riedel stated that the platform must voice its opinion as soon as possible. He doesn’t preclude a second massive meeting either. This proposal can count on support from ASPD.

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