Published On: Mon, Sep 24th, 2018

Personnel Sehos retains their jobs in the new hospital

hospitalWILLEMSTAD - All personnel currently employed at the general hospital SEHOS retains their job at the new hospital. The parties have signed a social statute for this.

This Charter establishes the rules on the transfer of the staff from the St. Elizabeth Hospital to the Hospital Nobo Otrobanda (HNO) when the latter opens its doors in 2019.

There are no forced redundancies as a result of this transition. This will do justice to the previous cooperation agreement from 2017 between union CBV, SEHOS and the Minister of Health at the time, Suzy Camelia-Römer.

The staff of SEHOS maintains its legal position, including the current salary. After the opening of the HNO, the management of the HNO and the trade union CBV negotiations will start a new collective labor agreement for the personnel.

Job guarantee does not mean that every employee retains his or her current position. The organizational structure of the HNO differs from that of SEHOS on a number of points. This inevitably means that a number of employees do not see the function, as it now is, in the HNO. These employees will be offered a different position in the care for which they are suitable, possibly after further training that will be offered by HNO.

The Social Statute determines the rights of the employees and the agreements about the course of the placement process. A placement committee with representation of HNO, SEHOS and under the direction of an independent chairman will coordinate the process and advise the board of HNO and SEHOS about the placements. The SEHOS staff will receive further information in the coming days and have already received an invitation to attend 'town hall' meetings where further explanation follows and there is also room for asking questions.

The management positions of the HNO do not fall within the rules of the Social Charter. A public application procedure will soon be launched for these positions.

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