Published On: Mon, Jun 9th, 2014

Planned education cuts provide much unrest


WILLEMSTAD - Education Trade Union Sitek called on their members to meet this morning, between 8:00 and 10:00 on their legal position. This was confirmed by the chairman of the union, Lio Plantijn. “There are currently two austerity packages in progress in the education sector, one in which the legal position of the teaching staff is likely to be in jeopardy because the government wants to cut wages and pensions and a second one in which the content of education is at risk,” Plantijn said. The union leader also said that there will be no adults in school during the morning hours.

The Roman Catholic Central School Board would like to find a compromise in the form of a transition year to implement the planned cuts, because, according to Director Lisette Lamoen-Garmers, no alternatives have been mentioned during the meeting last Friday between the school and the Minister of Education, Irene Dick.

Frater Aurelio SBO wants to hear nothing about the planned austerity measures or any interim period and says that the cuts in secondary education should simply be off the table. This is according to the spokesperson Carina Ruiter.

The meeting this morning will provide more clarity. Sitek president Lio Plantijn says to have an international agreement which states that the income of teachers cannot be changed just like that.

Photo credit: Yves Cooper (Notisia360)

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