Published On: Mon, May 18th, 2015

Plasterk: “Investigation money flows already started”


WILLEMSTAD - The Kingdom-wide investigation into money flows between politicians and the underworld, which was asked for by the Dutch parliament, actually started already. Minister Ronald Plasterk of Kingdom Relations, indicated this to the Dutch parliament in a letter.

Plasterk points out to the annual account report of the Criminal Investigation Team, which refers to the investigation on suspicious money flows, and also mentions the project Duradero, which specifically focuses on tackling financial crime on the islands.

Additionally, the four justice ministers of the Kingdom agreed on a structural and better cooperation in the field of law enforcement during the Judicial Four Party Consultation (JVO) in January of this year.

“This collaborative approach will focus in particular on the financial-economic and subversive crime, which investigates the flow between underworld and politics,” said Plasterk. The JVO of June 8 this year will give more substance to this investigation.

Plasterk’s answers follow a request from The Dutch MP for the Socialist Party (SP), Ronald van Raak to explain how the government implements a motion adopted by the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament in April.

The motion calls for a Kingdom-wide investigation into money flows, with special attention to the role of legal and illegal gambling in Curacao and St. Maarten.

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