Published On: Tue, May 31st, 2016

Police Union: 300 thousand guilders down the drain for worthless report on police academy

police academyWILLEMSTAD – “The same person who was in charge of the devastating report on the police academy will be the one in charge of a bachelor’s course for police,” said the representatives of the union of the police NAPB and ABVO.

“This person will never be able to make a positive report on the current police academy, no matter how good the school is.”

According to the unions the quality of the people employed at the school is superb. “There is no boarding school, because the responsible Minister never invested in good boarding schools, but he pays Carl Camelia 300 thousand guilders for a worthless report,” said the union representatives.

The two unions indicated that the police academy is currently located at Mortiersweg because the boarding school is unusable. Ironically the report indicates the importance of a boarding school for the police, but apparently, according to the unions, Camelia does not know that it is the government who did not invest in the maintenance of the boarding school.

“The 300 thousand guilders used to pay Camelia could have been used to fix the boarding school and solve the problem. The question is where in the world do you hear that the author of a report is the same person that is waiting to get the job to fix the problem that he himself pointed out in his report. Do you think this person will present a positive report? Of course not! The person will present a devastating report so he can get the job.”

According to the unions this is clearly a case of favoritism. “We just want to know what interest Camelia has in a devastating report? Also the Minister did not have the decency to talk to us about the developments of the police academy.

Photo: Police Academy

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