Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2013

Police union demands lifting suspension

Marlon-Wernet-1-MediumWILLEMSTAD – Police union NAPB demands that Justice Minister Nelson Navarro reverse his decision to suspend police Chief Marlon Wernet. "The union does not agree at all with this political game,” NAPB president, Rolando Abraham said.

Wernet was sent on mandatory leave after one of the accused in the case of the murder of politician Helmin Wiels, Luigi Florentina, was found dead in his cell. Florentina was just transferred from the naval barracks in Suffisant to the police cells in Barber. "Wernet was on an official trip to Aruba when the transfer was arranged," said Abraham. "How can the Minister hold anyone accountable who was not even there?"

The union demands that Minister Navarro withdraws this disciplinary action, or he must deal with the consequences. "What he means with consequences, Abraham did not want to reveal.”I cannot disclose the strategy of the union, but we demand action as soon as possible.”

The union is not the only one who doubts in the Minister’s decision. Also Member of Parliament, Elmer Wilsoe expressed his concern in a letter to Minister Navarro. Wilsoe questions what has led to the suspension of Chief Justice Wernet and why Heiko de Jong (Chief Prosecutor) and the minister himself are unscathed from all of this. Wilsoe believes that responsibility should be on the shoulders of all in the justice system. Navarro has already stated that any actions of the union will have no influence on his decision.

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