Published On: Wed, Sep 9th, 2015

Positivism Governor during opening parliamentary year

Parliament_openingWILLEMSTAD – During the traditional opening of the parliament year 2016-2017, the Governor of Curaçao, Lucille George-Wout presented the accomplishments of the government since it began its term in 2013. The Governor also gave a review of the nine ministries, but especially highlighted the positive activities during this period.

Her speech began with the general proposition that the country needs a vision, courage, endurance and maturity.

“Courage in continuous consultation with the people to take the necessary strides to achieve our goal. Determination to overcome adversity and cope with all the challenges and adversities we may encounter on our path. Also to remain steadfast and righteous to reach the goal which is our agreement with the people. Finally adulthood where necessary, to adjust and enter into agreements with others in the public interest.”

To create a general support she has referred in this context to the national dialogue where government, trade unions and business organizations come together to discuss common topics on behalf of a better economic policy. On the basis of the national dialogue there is the strategic National Development Curaçao 2030 in which four issues receive attention, namely, education, economy, governance and national identity.

“The government has initiated several projects in close cooperation with representative groups in the community during this reign. In the platform of the National Dialogue, the government regularly meets with union and business representatives to discuss common themes. In this way they promote the tripartite consultation and genuine participation in determining the socioeconomic policy.”

The action plan for youth development was also mentioned by the Governor, as well as the innovations in the sports facilities and schools.

When it comes to international cooperation, the Governor spoke about the Octa meeting in February 2015 of 22 Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) of the European Union, the technical delegation which has been in Georgetown in Guyana to join the collaborative Caribbean countries, Caricom and the cooperation within the Kingdom. About Caricom, the Governor has stated that she expects Curaçao to actually become a member of the Caribbean organization, and will no longer be only an observer.

The Governor focused on specific diseases, but also the problems in Venezuela, which can affect the relations between the Curaçao and its South American neighbor.

George Wout pointed out the policy intentions per ministry for the coming year. For example, the modernization of the refinery, including the reduction of environmental pollution, is central at the Ministry of General Affairs. The Ministry of Administration, Planning and Service wants to reduce the waiting time at the Licensing Portal and increase the number of licenses that can be obtained there.

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