Published On: Thu, Aug 14th, 2014

Premier Asjes: “I don’t see why I have to resign”

Premier AsjesWILLEMSTAD - Premier Ivar Asjes (PS) sees no reason to resign after a majority in Parliament, including his own party, voted against the Sanctions Ordinance against Terrorism. The Prime Minister indicated that he will commit himself to the decision and that he will respect democracy. His party questioned him about why he still presented the bill to Parliament even though he already knew that he would not get a majority.

The Prime Minister refuted the rumors which have been circulating for months about a possible deteriorating relationship between him and his party members, especially the five MPs representing the party in Parliament. According to various sources, these five want the Prime Minister to resign.

The Prime Minister indicated that this is a democracy and there could be differences between the government and parliament. “If parliament does not agree with a policy or bill proposed by the government, they can vote against it. This does not necessarily mean that the government has to go home,” Asjes declared.

The leader of the PS faction in parliament, Melvin ‘Mac’ Cijntje said that he still does not understand why the Prime Minister continued with the public meeting. “He knew that his bill proposal would get rejected. We asked him to wait so we could discuss it. We want him to answer us why he still continued with the meeting,” Cijntje asked.

Cijntje also denies the rumors. He said that the faction is not putting pressure on the Prime Minister to resign, but indicated that it is up to Asjes to decide whether he wants to stay or leave. Cijntje stressed that the relationship between the group and its prime minister “is not bad”. “But if he wants to challenge us then we will accept the challenge. What he has done these last few days is just not normal,” Cijntje said.

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