Published On: Tue, Sep 16th, 2014

President of Parliament files complaint against MP

FrancoWILLEMSTAD – The President of Parliament, Marcolino ‘Mike’ Franco has filed a complaint at the Public Prosecution (OM) in reaction to the letter from the faction leader of the coalition party PAIS, Alex Rosaria. The PAIS leader asked Parliament to investigate the leaking of an audio recording of a closed meeting between the Committee for Financial Supervision (CFT) and the Standing Committee on Finance of Parliament.

In various declarations, the President of Parliament stated that he has filed a complaint, but did not specify against which Member of Parliament this was done.

Last weekend, the leader of the PAIS party asked for an investigation. The CFT also condemned the fact that the closed meeting was recorded and broadcasted on the radio. The meeting, which was held on September 4 of this year was confidential, according to the CFT. The CFT emphasizes on the importance of being able to meet with Parliament, which is the highest independent, democratic institution, and that this will stay confidential. CFT is an independent nonpolitical committee. They hope that their consultations with Parliament will remain confidential in the future.

Other MPs indicated that the meetings of the standing committees are closed doors. If an MP wants to share information from these meetings, they can’t do this by recording it and broadcast it in the media. These MPs believe that if one of their colleagues is guilty of this act, then they must suffer the consequences.

According to an MP, those who meet with Members of Parliament, especially during a committee meeting, hope that they can speak in all openness no matter how delicate the topic is.

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