Published On: Fri, Aug 17th, 2012

President of Parliament Ivar Asjes: We are not really free

WILLEMSTAD - "Today, 17 August, 2012 is an important day. Today we commemorate the struggle for freedom, the day of opposition to slavery, " are the words of President of Parliament Ivar Asjes. "Many have given their lives while searching for the sacred right of
Remembrance and reflectionbeing free." On August 17, 1795 40-50 Kenepa plantation slaves, led by Karpata, decided to fight conquer their freedom. Slaves from other plantations joined the fight. Under the direction of Tula, Karpata and Mercier there were about 2000 slaves who went into battle with the colonial regime. In this battle a lot of slaves lost their lives.

According to Asjes this an important day for remembrance and profound reflection, "a day of national determination which our Curaçaoans should realize that this struggle will continue until it ends in our sovereignty. A patriotic consciousness is the basis for progress of us all.

"The course of our country"

It is regrettable that previous governments have inhibited our emancipatory development. They have not fought for the rights of freedom for our people, " is Asjes’ opinion. "There are many forms of slavery and dependence, and as long as the Netherlands is the one who ultimately decides in our house, we are not really free." According to the Parliament President, our minds must be turned towards the same direction so the people can decide the course of the country. "The fight for freedom is not only a political struggle, it's more than that. It is a struggle that is based on human needs, a natural struggle for dignity and a cry from the depths of your being. Without freedom there is no progress and a people cannot develop as a nation, " according to Asjes.

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