Published On: Wed, Sep 5th, 2012

President of Parliament proposes bill against unruly members

WILLEMSTAD – President of Parliament Ivar Asjes says he will present a bill against Members of Parliament who do not show up for public meetings and committees and will cut in their salaries.

Since early this month the President of Parliament refuses to call public meeting because according to his own words: “I will not cooperate with a coup orchestrated by the Opposition”. Member of Parliament of PNP, Mr. Humphrey Davelaar suggests that Curacao is currently a banana republic under this Government.

Since last month, the Government has lost the majority in Parliament and has dissolved Parliament to call for new elections which will be held on October 19. The opposition declares that they want to see a caretaker Government in the meantime while awaiting the elections and the formation of the new Government.

To be able to form a caretaker Government, a majority of the Parliament has accept to vote to remove the current Government. This can only happen in a public meeting of Parliament. For this reason, the President of Parliament has suspended the all public meetings.

This is a dictatorship according to members of the opposition.

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