Published On: Thu, Oct 11th, 2018

Prime Minister: ‘Day of Autonomy in the sphere of civil responsibility’

Rhuggenaath1WILLEMSTAD - October 10 is Day of Autonomy. This year, the government paid attention to the responsibility that the concept of autonomy entails for the citizens of Curaçao and the importance of the celebration of this significant date.

“This historic day is an opportunity to reflect on the positive, creative, productive and inclusive aspects that unite our people; it brings to light the responsibility for our beautiful country Curaçao.”

For this reason, the Government of Curaçao celebrated the day differently. Throughout the day the government emphasized how we, as a people, carry our own responsibility in different forms. In the morning they started with some activities around the theme of health and exercise. The activities were held in the center of the city. This was followed by activities in several neighborhoods at the same time. The neighborhoods had the opportunity to present their idea about a work of art, which is a reflection of the concept of autonomy in the neighborhood, to the public.

In the afternoon there were various activities in Otrobanda and Punda. In Otrobanda the event 'Kòrsou ta produsí' of the Social Economic Market BETH was held and in Punda the information market 'Kòrsou ta Informá.' In this latter event, the ministries and some government organizations had an information post. In it they gave the public information about their work and projects. The information market was from 15 to 19 hours behind Wilhelminaplein (in front of the Ministry of Justice).

The day ended with the activity 'Kòrsou ta Reflehá i Selebrá' in various places in Punda. Through debates, artistic and creative forms, the participants presented their ideas on the constitutional and historical aspects of the theme of autonomy. On stage at Plasa Jojo Corea artists and people with artistic aspirations were able to show their talents to the audience. The government then held an official ceremony. At the end of the day, there was music for everyone.

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