Published On: Mon, Apr 24th, 2017

Prime Minister dismisses Crime Fund Committee

PisasWILLEMSTAD - Interim Prime Minister, who is also Minister of Justice, Gilmar Pisas has dismissed the committee that is in charge of the crime fund.

This is an independent committee that evaluates and scrutinize petitions made for projects that need funding from the crime fund. These petitions are made through the Ministry of Justice. Many of these projects are for the youth. If the project is positive and beneficial for the youth, it will be approved by the committee and signed by the Minister of Justice.

According to the Prime Minister, the crime fund does not need a committee to manage it. On March 30, only 6 days after he was sworn in as Minister, Pisas told the committee members, in a letter, that they are not needed anymore. In that same letter, he told the members that they did a great job managing the committee.

According to the Minister, there will be a new policy regarding the use of the fund and that is why he had to dismiss the committee. He is now waiting on an analysis of his new policy.

Pisas also wants an investigation into how is predecessors used the fund and if this was completely according to the rules.

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