Published On: Tue, Aug 12th, 2014

Prime Minister’s own party against Sanctions Ordinance

Prime MinisterWILLEMSTAD – The Prime Minister’s own party, the Pueblo Soberano (PS) wants to postpone the meeting on the amendment on the Sanctions Ordinance in Parliament. “If the Prime Minister wants to continue with this public meeting, then we will vote against it,” the Chairman of the party, Melvin “Mac” Cijntje indicated.

The bill, which was presented this morning in Parliament, assumes that sanctions which are adopted by the European Union (EU) through a local law are automatically taken by Curacao. There is opposition to the law, even from the Prime Minister’s party. The Prime Minister is currently defending the bill in Parliament.

The standpoint of the PS group is at odds with the position of Prime Minister Ivar Asjes. Asjes explained during the party’s weekly meeting on Saturday that this bill does not mean that Curaçao is surrendering its autonomy. Some of the MPs from his party believe the contrary.

Asjes warned that if Parliament rejects this bill, which has already been adopted by the Parliament os Aruba and Sint Maarten, could imply that the Netherlands could impose this law through a Kingdom Act.

One of the MPs from the PS indicated this morning that he feels that this bill will make Curaçao a rubber stamp of the Netherlands and that he cannot vote for such a thing.

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