Published On: Fri, Aug 19th, 2016

Public Prosecution wants to hear assassin Helmin Wiels in case Maximus

Gert RipWILLEMSTAD -  The Public Prosecutor (OM) wants to hear the killer of the politician Helmin Wiels as a witness in the case Maximus. Maximus is the investigation into the intellectual authors of the assassination of the popular political leader and former Member of Parliament.

Prosecuter Gert Rip indicated during the hearing at the first pre-trial against Burney ‘Nini’ Fonseca that he also wants to hear the member of the No Limit Soldier (NLS) gang Michael Leesly.

Fonseca is accused of hiring, among others, Elvis ‘Monster’ Kuwas to murder the political leader. Kuwas was convicted and is currently serving a life sentence in a Dutch prison.

Gert Rip reported during the pre-trial that Leesly played a role in communication between lottery boss Robbie dos Santos and Fonseca. Dos Santos is also a suspect in the case Maximus.

“Both witnesses should be heard, but not as suspects,” emphasizes OM spokesman Guillano Schoop. He Marije Vadersacknowledges that the roles are a bit complex.


The pre-trial barely lasted half an hour. That was mainly due to the fact that in July the OM added sixteen new research folders to the file against Fonseca. Fonseca’s legal counselor, Marije Vaders says that she did not have the opportunity to discuss these files with her client.

Continuation of this pre-trial will be on September 7 of this year.

Reported by Dick Drayer

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