Published On: Tue, Dec 11th, 2012

Pueblo Soberano party leader visits Plasterk

WILLEMSTAD – Pueblo Soberano (PS) Party leader Helmin Wiels will travel to the Netherlands on Friday to meet there with Minister Ronald Plasterk of Kingdom Relations and exchange ideas on the Consensus- Kingdom Laws.

According to Wiels he travels to the Netherlands at the invitation of the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations. He will be accompanied by Ivar Asjes and Elmer Wilsoe (both PS). The three members of parliament will pay for the trip out of their own pocket and is therefore not funded by the government or by the party.

“I will not quarrel with the Netherlands, but we will sit down and talk about things. Fact is that the Kingdom Laws have no right of existence, because these are contrary to international legislation. If we take a good look at these laws technically, then they no right to exist,” said Wiels. If the Kingdom Laws are reviewed internationally, they will immediately cease to exist, according to Wiels. Wiels says that he is not looking to revoke these laws but he only wants consultation between the two countries.

“We have to grow up and be responsible for our own business.”  Wiels recognizes that the United Nations has demands on the decolonization process. “I will ensure that when we are in the new government will handle our own affairs. We must first settle well, we must put things in order,” Wiels declared.

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