Published On: Mon, Dec 23rd, 2013

Questions about Schotte’s request for six tons from Korpodeko

Alex RosariaWILLEMSTAD - According to PAIS leader Alex Rosaria everything indicates that the then Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte (MFK), against the rules, has requested from the then newly appointed director of the Development Bank (Korpodeko), Chesron Isidora, a payment of 400.000 and 200.000 guilders. This happened in mid 2012.

This is, according to Rosaria, what he mentioned before on several occasions, "voodoo finance", which has ensured that the country was on the financial precipice and which even led to the financial instructions given by the Kingdom Council of Ministers in which Curaçao has lost part of its autonomy.

The Schotte Cabinet has put the Parliamentary budget right in danger with that kind of irresponsible acts.

This budget right is in fact something that belongs to the Parliament - the Parliament decides on how public funds are spent - and not with one or more ministers, and certainly not with a director to assign funds for other purposes.

In this context, the PAIS leader has sent a letter to his party colleague, Minister Stanley Palm Minister of Economic Development on this issue.

Namely questions about a leaked letter from Schotte of 11 July 2012 to Korpodeko, which was published in the Dutch morning newspaper, Antilliaans Dagblad, but also the letter of June 18, 2012 from Korpodeko to the now ex-Finance Minister George Jamaloodin (MFK). Korpodeko director Isidora did not want to comment on this “alleged” payment or whether or not it has been implemented according to the request made by Schotte.

Rosaria also wants to know whether the government has complied with the procedures under such agreement like the approval of the Council of Ministers, the drafting of the decree and taking into account the Government Accounts Act legislation.

The leader of PAIS also asks whether there may be more requests to Korpodeko for payouts.

Schotte had requested payment of 400,000 guilders for the benefit of the FCCA Conference (Florida Caribbean Cruise Association) and 200,000 for the soccer federation FFK / Mundial.

The party leader asks if there is an accountability of how funds are spent. He also calls for an investigation.

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