Published On: Mon, Oct 15th, 2012

Questions on MFK-card – is it legal?

WILLEMSTAD – Since last weekend there is the new card from the political party MFK offering 100 guilders per month to those in need. According to Schotte this card called “Mi Sosten” (My support) is available to help those in financial need.

This card, which has been circulating since weekend and was seen not only on facebook but also in a TV ad, has cause major commotion in the society. Different people accused Schotte and MFK of bribery. Different sources claim that this is a desperate way for Schotte to buy votes.

The Central Bank reacted on this stating that first it must be clear if this is another campaign joke or if it’s real. It this card is real than the National Ordinance on the Supervision of Banking and Credit Institutions is applied; only institutions with a license from the Central Bank may provide credit or give loans to the public. And: 'For other activities, such as issuing of securities, the institutions need exemption from the Central Bank. But the question is: what is this card, a credit card, money card? Is it a loan? Is it security? In all cases, supervisory approval of the Central Bank financial transactions is required. Answering the above questions will determine whether Schotte and his party MFK needs permit or exemption for these cards."

The card, which on the back carries the signature of Schotte, still had be activated and would be valid starting January 1, 2013. One person on facebook indicated; “if this is not bribery, than I don’t know anymore!”

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