Published On: Mon, May 1st, 2017

Ronald Plasterk: “Attempted ‘coup’ in Curaçao”

PlasterkWILLEMSTAD - According to Minister of Kingdom Relations, Ronald Plasterk, the efforts of the interim government in Curaçao to stop the elections were "in fact a coup". That's what the Minister said during a recent interview.

Is that government really legitimate?

“If the elections were called and you want to stop it, then you create a sort of vacuum effect. Then you ask yourself, is it legal?” said Plasterk.

The situation in Curacao originated after former Prime Minister Hensley Koeiman dissolved the parliament in February and called snap elections. His government was just installed six weeks before. However, Gerrit Schotte was still able to form a government with the help of four MPs who were part of the coalition. They formed the Group of 12. Schotte then installed a government with his party as the ruling coalition partner. He then tried to cancel or postpone the elections.

The Supreme Electoral Council (SEC) was given the instruction to call off everything.

The Minister said the SEC had already been instructed not to allow the elections to continue. This was not according to the rules of the democratic process, says Plasterk. Plasterk solved the problem by placing Curaçao under higher supervision and giving the Governor authority to organize the elections.

Plasterk said that a plan was ready in case the interim government tried to block the election but refused to share the details. “We've been thinking about it,” said Plasterk. “If a country says, we do not want it anymore, we do not adhere to the rules, then it stops.” Plasterk said he wanted to maintain himself in the background. “I know how it works there. Somebody like Gerrit Schotte, for example, accuses all his political opponents as puppets from The Hague.

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