Published On: Thu, Oct 9th, 2014

Rosaria: Learning from four years after 10-10 ’10

AlexRosariaWILLEMSTAD - “Not the structure in which we live, but the quality of the people determines the level of development of Curaçao.” This is according to PAIS leader Alex Rosaria in a message to celebrate four-years, since 10-10-'10, the day Curaçao received the autonomous status in the Dutch Kingdom.

Rosaria states in, a press release, that good governance and progress of the island is dependent on the quality of the policy pursued by the persons responsible for the administration of the island. “Good governance is not very dependent on the structure of the island. We must not make the mistake to believe that only a change in the political status of the island would solve our problems, which we had to solve during the time of the Netherlands Antilles.”

According to the PAIS leader, many have stated in the past that once Curaçao is standing on its own apart from the other islands that were part of the former Netherlands Antilles and its debts were paid, then automatically things would get better. But the practice has shown that there was mismanagement and in less than two years of a positive financial situation, it has led to a situation where Curacao received financial restrictions from the Kingdom Council of Ministers. It is with much pain that there is now an attempt to restore the situation, said the MP. “We can only assume that the financial situation of the island will be again like 10-10-'10 in 2016.”

The lessons to be learned from the past four years, according to Rosaria, are that a new political structure can never be a replacement for good governance. It is therefore important that we not fall into the temptation to replace our structure again. We often tend to run for our own responsibilities by changing political structures. “What the nation needs now is that we actually give content to the system we've had now for four years and that we assume our responsibility,” Rosaria said in his message. 

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