Published On: Tue, Aug 5th, 2014

Saleh-Kostrzewski: “Wife K. declared false confession out of anger after sex pictures”

LawyerWILLEMSTAD - The wife of Elvis K. made ​​the incriminating statements about her husband in anger. This is according to Mrs. Olga Saleh-Kostrzewski, the lawyer of Elvis 'Monster' Kuwas. According to the lawyer, Mona Lisa got to see sexually explicit pictures of K. with another woman. Thus, she made ​​a false confession.

"Without pictures I would not have not done this," Mona Lisa said according to Kostrzewski. In addition to this material she heard a sexually oriented phone conversation.

Kostrzewski requests the Judge to declare the Public Prosecution (OM) inadmissible the Public. According to her, the prosecution acted negligently. "There has been serious procedural irregularities and violation of basic legal principles." She also says that witnesses were put under pressure, bought and paid.

In the perception of K. and his lawyer the OM has repeatedly put pressure on him. On March 10, he would have signed a deal. This was the period in which K. had no lawyer. "A day later, Mona Lisa was paid 1,000 euros," said Kostrzewski. The defense of 'Monster' continues to indicate that the prosecution made a deal and bribed the witnesses. “All the arrows were aimed at him. The OM was working hard to find evidences to convict him.”

In addition, the prosecution would have spent a total of nineteen thousand guilders for 'security', including a ticket to the Netherlands for Mona Lisa. According to Kostrzewski this is nonsense. "She did not go to the Netherlands." Thus she argued that the prosecution was trying to bribe Mona Lisa. Apparently Mona Lisa received alimony from the OM for three months.

Kostrzewski also argues that there are other witnesses who have been bribed. A female witness would have accepted three months of living expenses. "That’s when they started with the incriminating statements," the lawyer said. Another witness said: "I'm going to lie because otherwise I cannot not see my children."

The detailed explanations of K. shows, according to his to his lawyer, that he did not commit the offense. "His confession came because of pressure from the OM. "He was afraid to come back to Curacao," Kostrzewski said. During the plea 'Monster' was looking down. He rested his elbows on his thighs, and he took off his glasses at a given moment and rubbed his eyes.


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