Published On: Wed, Oct 21st, 2015

Schotte interferes with Dry Dock employees

Curacao Dry DockWILLEMSTAD - The battle between Gerrit Schotte and lawyer Roelof Bijkerk has acquired a new dimension. The former Prime Minister last week along with the Curaçao Dry Dock (CDM) Director Getmar Caldera held consultations with representatives of the 350 contract workers at the company.

The employees are supposed to get 3.5 million guilders from the CDM-holding, because they have been exploited for years. Schotte has filed a disciplinary case against Bijkerk earlier this year.

With this involvement, Schotte is getting in the lawyer’s way once again. Schotte's effort is notable because during his reign, he refused to acknowledge the exploitation and to compensate the contractors.

Lawyer Roelof Bijkerk claims that Schotte is trying to take away his clients. Bijkerk represents the group and after many trials in court, he was able to amass 3.5 million guilders for the affected workers, but up until now only half of that amount has been paid out to them.

According to Bijkerk, Schotte is now trying to buy these workers, to get them under the wings of his party and lawyer Sheldry Osepa. Bijkerk even indicated that the spokesman of the group, Otmar Arroyo has received 4000 guilders from Schotte to take him away.

Bijkerk threatens Osepa now with a complaint to the Board of Trustees of the legal profession. According to Bijkerk, Schotte wants above all to win souls, with elections looming.

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