Published On: Mon, Oct 29th, 2012

Schotte: This country deserves tranquility

WILLEMSTAD – Political party MFK stands for a government that brings back tranquility in Curacao. This stated former Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte during a press conference held at the party’s office yesterday. On this occasion, Schotte explained how disgusted he and his party are with the attitude Helmin Wiels and his party Pueblo Soberano  displayed lately. This attitude has led to an impasse in the formation of a new government.

Recently the three parties have signed a willingness agreement to work together again. According to Schotte, Wiels’ attitude makes it very tough for MFK to work with Pueblo Soberano. “We will not tolerate this anymore and will give Wiels the space to form a government which suits his believes”, Schotte declared. Schotte said that he has been putting up with Wiels’ insults for 23 months now and will not do this anymore. He and his party will back off from the negotiations and give Wiels and others the space they need to look for alliances.

Schotte reiterates that the party has done a lot for Curacao, e.g. Wilhelmina plaza, SUBT soccer field, National plan for neighborhood development, Air Canada, Copa Airlines, free education, but for Wiels, in his concept, none of these are good enough. “Many of these projects were done by using creativity and leadership. According to Wiels, everything must be done differently and he always knows better and he’s the one who’s always criticizing while standing on the side”, Schotte said.


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