Published On: Mon, Nov 25th, 2013

Schotte: ‘Unemployment is reigning and the economy is stuck’

SchotteWILLEMSTAD - While in January of this year, the current government lied to the people that the financial situation of the island is so bad, now it seems that there are public funds to buy:

  1. Four existing buildings close to the Pater Eeuwensweg valued at between 4 and 6 million guilders?
  2. Is there enough Money to pay back taxes which the hospital foundation owes to the government?
  3. Is there enough money to buy the parking lot owned by the hospital foundation to have enough space to build the new hospital, valued at 3 to 4 million guilders?
  4. Is there enough money to buy the Colon Shopping Center, valued at 18 to 20 million guilders?
  5. Is there enough money to by the Hamelberg parking lot, valued at 3 to 4 million guilders?
  6. Is there enough money to by Colon gas station to build the new hospital, valued at 1 to 2 million guilders? It is necessary to buy this gas station to build the new hospital.
  7. There will be extra contracts for the building of the hospital on these properties. Everything points to more labor contracts of 30 to 35 million guilders.
  8. There will be lawsuits from those who will be wronged by the acquisition of the Colon Shopping Center, costs are between 2 to 3 million guilders.

And you ask yourself if Curacao is truly in a financial malaise which was reason for them to raise the sales tax to 9%.

Was it necessary to impose an unjust arrangement of the basic medical insurance in which pensioners had to pay more premiums for less medical care?

Was it necessary to cause an economic contraction for which 2000 citizens have lost their jobes in the last 11 months?

Was it necessary to deny Kura Hulanda the financial support to pay the salaries and keep the hotel open while looking for a new operator?

Was it necessary to lie to the people that the government will invest 270 million guilders in our economy which afterwards we find out that it is the same 196 million guilders which will be used to build the new hospital? This amount was already budgeted in the 2012 budget of the government.

The reality is that the economy is stuck! Those that thought that the end of the year will bring the necessary sales to cover debts are in for a surprise. Unemployment is reigning and now the government is aware of the dire situation of shop keepers. Suddenly they are all getting fire arm permits to protect themselves.

Even though the reality is clear to them, the Asjes Government is still accusing the media of exaggerating the situation. For this reason, Asjes is proposing to bring an external media company to give more positive image of the economy. But we all know that’s not true. There are companies which are specialized in this. Every party in the coalition has agreed to this proposal to use public funds for a media company to lie to the people.

Did you vote for them?



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