Published On: Fri, Oct 5th, 2012

Screening will become law before next government

WILLEMSTAD – Even though there won’t be enough time to accomplish a lot, seeing that October 19 is just around the corner, the interim government has put some priority which has to be done before the new government takes oath. One of these priorities is the screening of the candidate ministers.

“Confidence in the government is essential so we can work together to get our island out of the difficult financial and social situation”, according to Prime Minister Stanley Betrian. This confidence is only possible if the government is exemplary and acts according to positive values. The people of Curacao must rely on a government that is transparent, open, respectful, committed in finding solutions, hone
st and trustworthy.

Betrian is committed to ensure that after the elections, a government is formed by people who pass the screening. In this process the candidate ministers will be investigated in different aspects of integrity. This process will be started by the formateur of the new government. This will guarantee a government which can enjoy the trust of the people.

In a very short time a law concept will be submitted to parliament for approval. After it has been approved it will be published as is customary and not only politicians but also the whole community will be informed of the screening process.

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