Published On: Wed, Jul 5th, 2017

SEC officially informs Prosecution about candidates who did not submit their campaign financing report

Supreme Electoral CouncilWILLEMSTAD - Conform article 12 section 2 of the Decree Campaign Financing Political Groups (A.B. 2010 number 87) every person who appears as a candidate on one of the 13 political party lists that participated in the elections of October 5, 2016, must submit to the Supreme Electoral Council (SEC) a declaration indicating whether they have received gifts or donations during the period between August 8 to October 5, 2016, or not.

SEC on two occasions, through letters (October 19, 2016, and June 2, 2017) has reminded the candidates on their obligation to comply with the abovementioned article.

A total of 331 persons appeared on one of the 13 ballot lists and until July 3, 2017, 48 of them has not submitted their declaration to the SEC.

Article 21 of the bill stipulates that non-compliance of article 12 section 2 is considered a violation which is punishable by a fine of maximum 10,000 guilders and/or a prison sentence of maximum 3 months.

Through a letter that was dated yesterday July 4, 2017, the SEC has submitted to the Attorney General a list of the names and addresses of the 48 persons who are in violation of the law of campaign financing political groups.

The SEC also informs that all the candidates on the ballot lists of the following parties have submitted their declarations: MFK, PAR, Un Korsou Hustu and Kousa Prome.

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