Published On: Sat, Apr 1st, 2017

Several analysts want international observers on Election Day

ElectionsWILLEMSTAD – Several political analysts who are following the electoral developments agree that it is important to have international observers on Election Day on the island. “This way will we not have any doubts on the results of the election,” said one the analyst. “What about someone at the level of Jimmy Carter?” said the analyst referring to the work done by the former American President in Venezuela and other countries.

According to the analysts, the doubt that exists now in the electoral process and the politicians should be taken away. Considering the current major discussion taking place on, especially on the operational part of the process. One of the doubts is on the cardboard boxes used to deposit each voting ballot. This is why the analysts are concerned and are asking for international observers. “Even though no irregularities have ever been reported on these cardboard boxes, but the situation this time is more volatile and maybe it is a good idea to put an observer just to keep everyone at peace.”

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