Published On: Fri, Jan 18th, 2013

Several ministers and assistants politically connected

WILLEMSTAD – The agreement within the current coalition was that a cabinet of non-politicians – so-called ‘experts – would be appointed, but one look at the individual ministers and their assistants shows that several ministers and assistants are most certainly politically connected. Furthermore, with the assistants there is a question of a few remarkable appointments. For instance, Minister-President Daniel Hodge (PS) had been on the candidate list of the PAR in the past. One of his assistants is Tara Asjes-Prins, the wife of PS-parliamentarian Ivar Asjes. The other two assistants are Hubert Scherptong and Curt Brunings, who were both active within the political party FOL in the past. Scherptong was the director of Fondo pa Desaroyo (Fund for Development) founded by the FOL, but meanwhile dissolved. Hodge has taken his secretary at the PSB-bank along, Latiffa Cijntje-Harmen. She is the wife of Parliament registrar Silvin Cijntje.

The assistants of José Jardim, Minister of Finance, appointed by independent parliamentarian Glenn Sulvaran, are former PAR parliamentarian Malvina Cicilia and David van ‘t Hof. Minister of Justice, Nelson Navarro, was the former political leader of Forsa Kòrsou. His assistants are former registrar of the Parliament Desiree Lai-Promes and René Trenidad. His secretary is Ivette Atacho, the sister of former PAR parliamentarian and minister Pedro Atacho.

Minister of Economic Development, Steven Martina (Pais) is also not a stranger in politics. As son of former MAN-leader Don Martina he is considered candidate-political leader of the MAN for years. His assistants are Ivy Lo Tam Soen and M. van de Veur.

Minister of Traffic, Transport and Development, Earl Balborad, is a member of the PNP and has held several positions for the party in the past in board of directors, institutions and Boards of Commissioners of government nv’s. His assistants are PNP-member Lyorgo Rosa, who was on the candidate list of the PNP for the elections of October 19th 2012; former PAR-deputy Perry Gumbs, and Nathalie Martina. Maria Rozendaal is the secretary and PNP-board member Kenneth Pieters is the assistant.

Minister of Administration, Planning and Service, Etienne van der Horst (Pais), has Eric Isenia as assistant and Iris Dirks as secretary.

Rubina Bitorina (PS) is the Minister of Education. She once stood on the podium on a Saturday evening for the party building of PS and addressed those present. Her assistants are Orell Zimmerman, Jeanette King, Edsel Comemencia and Margareth Walle.

Louisette Maduro-Martina is her secretary. Maduro-Martina used to work for former minister Carlos Monk (PS).

Just like Van der Horst, Minister of Health, Environment and Nature, Bernard Whiteman (PS) only has one assistant, namely Numidia Mercelina. Whiteman’s secretary is Melva Jansen-Pourier.

Minster of Social Development, Labor and Welfare, Sherwin Josepha, is clearly connected with the PS – just like Bitorina. Josepha was the fraction assistant of the PS during the government period of the MFK/PS/MAN-coalition. He does not have any assistants yet.

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