Published On: Tue, Dec 18th, 2012

Sphere in Kingdom improved

WILLEMSTAD – For the first time in a few years there is again a positive atmosphere within the Kingdom when it comes to cooperation. This is according to the Representative of the Netherlands in Curacao, Gerard van der Wulp, the tops of the four Kingdom Governments met in The Hague for the past few days. And there he 'tasted' for the first time since a long time that there is a positive atmosphere in the cooperation. “Let us now build,” Van der Wulp said during a crowded New Year's reception at the home of the Representation in Scharloo as reported by Algemeen Dagblad.

Van der Wulp  looked back: “In Curacao a particular situation occurred in that a majority in parliament lost their confidence in the demissionary cabinet (Schotte) and installed an Interim Government (Betrian). “Those were extremely exciting days for this young democracy” according to the Representative, “but eventually the parliamentary majority triumphed.” The interim government of Prime Minister Stanley Betrian gave rapid opening for business, Van der Wulp continued in his speech, and it became clear that Curacao too – next to the Netherlands, which is dealing with an unprecedented austerity package – is going through a financially and economically stormy weather.

“The problem is now clear, hard but unavoidable solutions begin to take shape. A large majority of the Parliament have demonstrated that they recognize the risky economic and financial situation. "It is now up to the Transitional Government of PS, PAIS, PNP and independent member of Parliament Sulvaran - and especially the Parliament  - to lead us to the road to recovery.

“We can help and support each other,” said the Representative of the Netherlands. “If we at least want that with full conviction. Not as before, by transferring money from one country to other. But by working together in all possible fields.” Van der Wulp: “By making use of each other strengths, such as the sharing of expertise and contacts, based on equality and for the welfare of each country’s population. With the new political relationships in both our countries, it seems now that we can work on adult bilateral relationships between Curaçao and Netherlands, and within the Kingdom.”

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