Published On: Tue, Jan 6th, 2015

Sport center closes its doors due to problems with government

SDKWILLEMSTAD - The doors of sports center Sentro Deportivo Korsou (SDK) are closed. The board of Fundashon Fasilidatnan Deportivo Korsou (FFDK) is at odds with the government. According to Prime Minister Ivar Asjes both the staff the newly founded Fundashon Desaroyo Deportivo Korsou (FDDK) as the people of the island are the victim of the closing of the sport center.

According FFDK the government wants to have the benefits but not the burden of this foundation. Those burdens are pretty hefty; the FFDK currently has a debt of 2 million guilders and is 700,000 guilders in claims.

According to the government this debt was not made by the government and the FFDK should take the responsibility for it.

But according to the FFDK, it is the government that should take care of this debt. When the government organized a new sports foundation (FDDK), in which all other sports foundations would be accommodated, the FFDK did all in its power to help this new organization. The staff was even transferred to this new foundation.

According to the FFDK board, the government did not want to talk about the financial situation of the foundation. “We were advised by professionals to integrate our organization into the new foundation, thus solving the financial problem. But the government didn’t want anything to do with the debts,” said a board member. With the government’s position, now every board member is personally responsible for the debt of 2 million guilders. “This is unacceptable,” said the board member.

This is one of the reasons why the sport center was closed. It is not clear if the FFDK will go to court.

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