Published On: Fri, Jun 23rd, 2017

SSC Director De Freitas on a warpath

Margit-de-Freitas-SSCWILLEMSTAD - Margit de Freitas is on a warpath. The director of the Student Loan Foundation (SSC) refuses to respond to an instruction from the Minister of Education, Marilyn Alcalá-Wallé.

The Minister wants the SSC to follow a ruling from the Court of Justice to withdraw the resignation of an employee. De Freitas refuses to do so and ignores the judicial verdict. If she persists, the government will have to pay half a million guilders. Alcalá-Wallé stated that the government will not do that.

The judge has stated twice that there were insufficient reasons for the dismissal of the employee. The woman was suspended in June. Since then, according to Alcalá-Wallé, a total of 7 thousand guilders have been spent on salary payment, the costs of the two litigation cases, attorney fees and severance payment. Withdrawal of resignation would save over 450,000 guilders on staff costs.

If the SSC does not comply, then the Minister will have to take action. The foundation informs that the Minister has nothing to do with the dismissal. It’s the responsibility of the Supervisory Board.

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