Published On: Tue, Aug 13th, 2013

STrAF is done talking with Minister Navarro

Nelson NavarroWILLEMSTAD – The local Union STrAF is done talking with the Minister of Justice, Nelson Narvarro. “The Minister has made it a habit of making weird statements in the media,” according to STrAF chairman, Wim van Lamoen. “Navarro started on the wrong foot with his statement  fasten your seatbelts, then the Minister said to the cops to shoot to kill and he accused prison guards of corruption.”

“The minister does not take us seriously,” says Van Lamoen. “We do not want to meet with a Minister who wishes to deal with twenty agenda points in one hour.” The Union leader said that they will stop talking with Navarro and will only talk with the Parliament from now on.

Van Lamoen said that there may be guards who smuggle weapons in prison but the Minister does not know and will have to find out first what is going on before opening his mouth in the media. He will have to look at the equipment the staff has to work with before making such statements. Furthermore the prison leaks like a Swiss cheese and it has so many holes,” according to Van Lamoen. An investigation was already done and is therefore no longer necessary. The Minister has to go to prison and see for himself what is going, Van Lamoen says.

Three years ago the Netherlands offered assistance, but that was lifted by the then Minister of Justice, Elmer "Kade" Wilsoe (PS). STrAF wants Navarro to request assistance from the Netherlands again.


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