Published On: Thu, Nov 29th, 2018

Students UoC gain unique experience in Medellín

Medellin_UoCWILLEMSTAD - Students and lecturers from the Built Environment department of the Faculty of Technical Sciences (FdTW) of the University of Curaçao Moises da Costa Gomez (UoC), left for Medellín, Colombia last Sunday, to take part in an intensive project week under the title 'Urbanismo Social'. This project week was set up by Tridimenciudad and the FdTW and is executed in close collaboration with Universidad Nacional and EDU (Empresa de Desarrollo Urbano) in Medellin.

The students will work together with students from Medellín on a real intervention in one of the barios, suburbs (Villatina, Sol de Oriente) of Medellín. For example, they will do a social architectural intervention to show that a small impulse can cause a change in mentality and eventually a large (area) change can be set in motion. It is important that this is a realistic intervention, so that false expectations are not created, but actual improvement can be initiated. The outskirts of Medellín have been connected to the city through smart urbanization, infrastructure and social projects in recent decades. For example, cable cars have been connected to metro lines, various libraries and community centers have been built and social housing projects have been developed.

The project week also focuses on getting in touch with the city of Medellín. The students will visit various sample projects in the framework of Urbanismo Social. The dean of the faculty, who also participates in the project week, will also strengthen the links with the cooperation partners (various technical universities and faculties and government institutions) so that specific practical training can be provided for internships for students, knowledge exchange, exchange of lecturers and students and doing joint scientific research. That goes further than just architecture and urban design. It also concerns ICT (including Blockchain and digitalization education), electrical engineering and telematics, industrial technology and the interdisciplinarity between all (think of smart city technologies, Robotics and mechatronics).


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