Published On: Thu, Nov 22nd, 2012

Sulvaran: Keep the doors open for PAR

WILLEMSTAD – The independent member for Parliament Glenn Sulvaran (former member for PAR) says he is PAR and will stay PAR and in his opinion the best thing PAR can do is resume conversations to reach consent with other parties and thereby for a government with a broad support. Curacao needs this peace and tranquility. When he signed the willingness declaration, this was one of his requirements, that the door stays open for PAR to resume negotiations. This is what Glenn said yesterday.

As it is already known, Glenn Sulvaran surprised even foes when he declared himself as an independent member of parliament. He then signed the willingness declaration giving the block of 10 another seat which then became the majority and thus able to form a government for Curacao. Glenn declared that he hopes that the PAR can support the actual proposal. He also hopes that the Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels will stop with his actions which cause division in the country and start working on bringing the country together again.

Glenn thinks that current process is good for the country and he didn’t want the informateur Mr. Glenn Camelia to turn in his assignment without having reached his goal. Emphatically he said that he does not see himself working with former Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte’s party MFK. He does not have good experience with them. At this moment the best option the PAR has is to form with the block of 10. With this formation the total support in parliament for the government will be 14 seats which help bring tranquility in the country. It guarantees integrity in the government. These factors will bring back confidence in international and local investors.

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