Published On: Wed, Dec 5th, 2012

The Government has no budget for December traditions

WILLEMSTAD – During a radio interview this morning, Prime Minister Stanley Betrian declared that the Government has no money to pay for certain things which are customary during the December month. There are different organizations complaining about the lack of support from the Government, including Downtown Management Organization (DMO). According to DMO there won’t be Christmas decorations in downtown Punda and Otrabanda this year due to the lack of financial resources. It is tradition that every year the Government sets aside a budget for these decorations.

The 250 guilder bonus for civil servants is also in danger.  Unions representing the civil servants already declared war to the Government if they don’t pay this bonus to the government employees. Prime Minister Betrian said that it is not that the Government does not want to pay, the problem is that there is no money to pay. Today the Government had their weekly meeting to deal with these issues

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