Published On: Thu, Jul 17th, 2014

“This cannot continue without serious consequences”

AsjesWILLEMSTAD - There was another limit exceeded. In these terms, Prime Minister Ivar Asjes (PS) reacts to the shooting incident that took place at Hato airport. “This is a very unfortunate incident in which many innocent civilians have been injured. This is unacceptable. It should be clear to everyone that this will not remain without serious consequences.”

Asjes expressed his sympathy for the innocent people who were injured in the shooting incident at Hato. The Prime Minister says that the government will give priority to combating crime on the island. Asjes stressed that this is not something the government can solve alone. “This is something the whole community, everyone will have to do his or her part.” The Prime Minister called on the community to take this into account when the government takes steps to cope with the current problems.

Justice Minister Nelson Navarro had several conversations with stakeholders. These discussions were continued the day after the incident. This subject was also on the agenda of the traditional meeting of the Council of Ministers, which is held every Wednesday. According to Asjes, the Cabinet will discuss the incident to agree on a joint position on the steps that must now be put in motion to make sure something like this never happens again.

The Prime Minister did not elaborate on what those steps might be and indicated that he will wait until after the deliberations with the Council of Ministers. But he emphasized that the incident will not remain without serious consequences.

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